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We understand the demands that are put on you everyday and we strive to help you live life at your fullest potential and achieve optimal wellness and happiness.  We monitor your whole body and leave no stone unturned regarding your health.  

We help you function at your highest level, enabling you to remain healthy and vibrant.  Your nervous system is what keeps your heart pumping, blood flowing, organs working and muscles performing.   We make sure this system and the rest of the body are stress free allowing your body to stay healthy, heal quickly from injury and allow you to do the things you are passionate about in life like spending time with your loved ones and friends.

Evidence has shown that laughing is good for your health! During your sessions, we strive to keep you relaxed and enjoy yourself.   We have a very family style open environment and work hard to give you the best experience entering and leaving our office.


Your body is intelligent.  It learns and reacts to the environment 24 hours a day.  Symptoms are a response to environmental stress, whether that stress be at home, work, school or sitting in traffic.  When your body is uncomfortable, it is a sign that the body is fighting to return to its normal homeostatic balance.  Your nervous system (brain and spinal cord) is responsible for every function of your body and sends signals to every cell, tissue and organ in your body (including your immune system).   So, it is vital to keep this amazing system healthy so you stay healthy.

Chiropractic care enables your body to function and adapt to your everyday life optimally and heal itself naturally when problems do arise.  Your body wants ease and fluidity, not stress and symptoms.  It strives for health and if given the proper tools can remain working at its top level, even as we get older.   Chiropractic allows your body to work efficiently without drugs or surgery.  Because your brain and spinal cord are vital to your health and wellness, we want them to work as efficiently as possible and help you with lifestyle changes, nutritional advice, ergonomics, posture, athletic performance or whatever comes up along the way. Now this is real health!



We focus on finding the cause of any dysfunction that creeps up because of stress and overloading of your system.  Symptoms arise because of stress put on your body and your its inability to deal with such stresses leading to dysfunctions in your spine, extremities, soft tissues or organs.

Sometimes there is stress accumulating that you can't see or feel yet. That is why we use a tracking system that is non-invasive and pain free to monitor and analyze these areas and see if anything is not working correctly that can lead to issues later.  This allows our treatments to relieve not only symptomatic areas but also address hidden stress that may be accumulating in your muscles, tissues and joints waiting to creep up and cause issues.  This keeps you healthy and able to do the important things you like to do.

Our treatments get results without the use of drugs, surgery or any dangerous side effects. Chiropractic care has been helping people live healthy lives for centuries. it is safe, gentle and effective.

Injured Bare


1. Not enough tIme:

We know you all have busy lives and because discomfort may go away for short periods of time, focusing on health gets put on hold.  Working long hours, kids at home, hobbies all take time out of your schedule.  Keeping up with everything is stressful.  The only way to get rid of stress is by doing the things you need to do to get rid of it.  Making time is hard but you and your body are worth it.  If you aren’t working properly then your life will be impeded eventually leading to time off of work, missed encounters with friends and loved ones.   Making sure you are healthy allows you to do the things that are most important to you.  It is can be hard to make yourself go to the gym, get a massage, eat properly and get chiropractic, but it is well worth it in the long run.

2. Tracking what you feel:

When you don’t FEEL symptoms and don’t have anything that is imminent after a few sessions, you may think former problems are resolved.  In most cases if you don’t stay on top of them and stick with a plan, in time it will probably creep up again.   We sometimes get used to having ailments and can SURVIVE with them but not THRIVE with them.  Having a headache once a week, neck stiffness, constant fatigue is not normal or healthy.  Our bodies are intended to work efficiently and pain free.   It strives for health and if you treat it well, it will reward you with a vibrant, energetic life.

Having a symptom is an alarm telling you that something is wrong and not working properly.   Waiting will make the condition worse as time goes by and the recovery process longer when treatment is begun.   Your body is what keeps you doing the things you enjoy in life like playing sports, spending quality time with loved ones and thriving in your career.  Staying healthy should be a priority, which will enable you to do the things you love.

Our Atmosphere

We have a fun, down to earth, courteous, casual atmosphere and do not wear white coats.  Why don’t we wear white coats?  Well,  Kids and even adults can be a bit stressed when seeing a doctor so we want you to feel as comfortable as possible at our facility.  Although we may dress and act casually, we take your health seriously and we work hard to keep you thriving and successful in life and health.


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