Stress and Health Analysis


In addition to physical exam, we may use the Insight Millennium which is used by Cardiologists, professional athletes and trainers recording progress during care.  This innovative device allows us to make sure we address anything that may eventually show up as a problem. It is completely painless, non-invasive, safe with no side effects.  

3 Tests cover systems, health and track progress!

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1. Heart Rate Variability/Pulse Wave Profiler:

We can determine your body’s overall ability to handle stress and adapt to the environment.  Ability for your body to change and adapt when stress is introduced to the body is the best indicator of health.  This test monitors your heart rate, skin temperature and conduction of blood in the system.  It also determines the balance and tension within your nervous system which connects to your organs, muscles, tissues and even your immune system.

2. Electromyograph:

This device allows us to measure your muscular energy and balance. This measures posture and can evaluate how the nerves are sending signals to the muscles that control your body.  We can determine overworked or weak areas of the body. 

3. Thermograph:

This test allows us to assess the part of your body that controls your organs, glands and blood vessels.  This technology allows us to track areas of your body that may be affiliated with symptoms beyond pain that you may not have even known were related to your spine.

Here is a great video explaining how this innovative system works:


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