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  • Knee "Baker's Cyst" Does Not Require Surgery
    Q: What is a Baker's Cyst? A: A Bakers Cyst is a fluid growth that occurs on the back of the knee. It can become hard and very painful. Q: How does Read more
  • Agave Syrup: An UNSAFE Sugar Substitute
    Agave syrup is a man-made sweetener which has been through a complicated chemical refining process of enzymatic digestion that converts the starch and fiber into the unbound, man-made chemical fructose. Read more
  • Sleep Deprivation Negatively Impacts Overall Health
    Sleep Deprivation adversely affects cognitive performance (reduces problem solving and decision making skills as well as short-term memory, impairs judgment, reduces logical reasoning and critical thinking, reduces visual attention and Read more
  • Stretching Before Lifting Weights
    It is recommended to warm up before lifting weights.  It helps to get your muscle ready for the load you are about to put on it.  Also, during your weight Read more
  • Hypertension And The DASH Diet
    Hypertension is defined as having blood pressure greater or equal to 140/90 on 3 or more visits to the doctor. To combat this problem it is very important to exercise while Read more
  • CPR, AED And First Aid Training
    CPR, AED, and First Aid for Adults in Redwood City, San Carlos, Menlo Park, Palo Alto and Belmont Presented By Belmont-San Carlos Fire Department This low stress course is taught by Firefighter Paramedics, Read more
  • Got Joint Pain?
    Joint pain is common after participating in sports and with those who have arthritis. Glucosamine and Chondroitin is recommended for repairing and retention of elasticity.  Glucosamine  promotes  repair of cartilage and Read more
  • The Importance Of Good Posture
    To most people, "good posture" simply means sitting and standing up straight. Few of us realize the importance of posture to our health and performance. The human body craves alignment. Read more
  • What is Restless Leg Syndrome?
    Gotta keep moving those legs at night?  Have you been told that you have Restless Leg Syndrome? What is it anyway? It is a urgency to move because of burning, tingling, Read more
  • 5 Tips To Reduce Eyestrain
    Eyestrain, the occupational hazard! Ever feel dull, aching, sensation around and behind the eyes that can lead into a headache. It may be difficult to focus on a book or the Read more
  • Natural Remedies For Canker Sores
    Ever have a canker sore? Here are a few natural ways to reduce pain and help heal your canker sore without synthetic medication or surgery: Tannin Tannin is found in Black Read more
  • Dizziness, Vertigo and Meniere's Disease
    Dizziness, Vertigo and Meniere's Disease Can Be Treated with a Chiropractic Adjustment! Meniere’s Disease is vertigo or dizziness that is associated with an inner ear disorder.  Fluid builds up in the Read more
  • 15 Iron Enriched Foods
    Here are some great foods high in iron that you may take in addition to iron supplements or by themselves. If you are anemic, this is some great information! Dried fruit Read more
  • 9 Natural Remedies for a Healthier You
    Avoid foods that cause headaches! Stay away from red wine, chocolate and caffeine. Adjustments do wonders to alleviate them too! Carpal tunnel is often misdiagnosed. See what else it could Read more
  • Chiropractic Care at Work: On-Site Visits
    Precise Moves Chiropractic has begun a new On-Site Chiropractic Care program. Don't have time to visit your chiropractor during your busy work week? Ask your employer if they would like to Read more
  • Precise Moves Chiropractic Wellness Clinic in Redwood City, CA
    Precise Moves Chiropractic has changed their logo and improved their online presence. We still provide the same exceptional chiropractic services in our Redwood City, CA Chiropractic office. Only our online Read more


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