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  • Chiropractic treatments work like a cell phone. Find out How!
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Chiropractic treatments work like a cell phone. Find out How!

When someone makes a cell phone call, the cell phone transforms the voice into a radio wave and sends signals through the phone antenna.  The antenna then sends this wave to the nearest cell tower or satellite.  Upon receiving the signal, the cell tower then sends the radio wave back to the person calling.   I will keep it to one person here for examples of how the brain and spinal cord act the same way. Here is how chiropractic is similar to cell phone use: When chiropractic treatment is administered to someone, we are sending electrical impulses along the spinal cord which then transmit to the brain.  Just like the radio waves go to the satellite.  The brain takes this information and sends impulses back through the body. There needs to be a clear line so the signals can reach the area intended. Just like radio waves to a cell phone tower. If your cell phone signal does not reach the tower, you will not have reception or a connection.  The spinal nerves function the same way.  If the nerves are blocked, stressed or impeded, the signals from those nerves will not be sent to the areas they are designated for. This can lead to digestive issues, immune problems, heart, lung, headaches, dizziness or basically anything that is connected to that particular nerve area.  Your brain uses signals to figure out how to function and figure out what to do.  This is why chiropractic is more than just neck and back pain. The video below provides a good example of how this works. Enjoy.


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