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How Can I Take Care Of Vertigo And Dizziness?

Vertigo and dizziness can be scary but there are a couple of maneuvers that can help. Vertigo happens sometimes when we change position of our head rapidly.  This can happen when changing from a sitting position to standing or from a laying down to standing position.  It can even happen if we turn our head too fast. Sometimes this problem is because of a blocked nerve in the upper portion of our neck which goes to our inner ear.  It can also be caused by a mass of particles in the inner ear.  In either case, it can be taken care of and you can get your life back! The Epley Maneuver is helpful with this problem.  It reconfigures the fluid in the ear and allows the inner ear to function.  How this works is a patient is taken from the seated position to laying down on his/her back with the affected ear facing down.  This is held for about 20-30 seconds and then the head is rapidly moved to the other side.  It is again held in this position for 20-30 seconds.  After staying in this position, the patient is then put on their side.  Then the patient is turned to face the floor. After this maneuver it is recommended to remain in an upright position for 24 hours (or as long as you can sit comfortably). Chiropractic adjustments to the top of the neck are safe and also help greatly with vertigo or dizziness.  Since the head is moving properly and the nerves are functioning normally, the ear works the way it should and the equilibrium is maintained.  Performing both the Epley Maneuver and adjusting the neck gets great results! Call our office today if you have this problem!  We can help! Precise Moves Chiropractic Redwood City, CA 650-353-1133


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