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Can Chiropractic Help When I Am Pregnant?

Yes! You will be glad to hear that chiropractic adjustments can significantly reduce labor time. Mothers giving birth for the first time have averaged 24% shorter labor time and repeat pregnancy labor times decreased 39% (Fallon, 1991). Chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy can also reduce the likelihood of experiencing back pain during pregnancy (Diakow, 1991). You can be adjusted and relieve stress and dysfunction in your body until the birth of your child (Penna, 1989). During pregnancy, weight-bearing changes occur when we have an added load to our abdomen. This can cause an added stress to the low back, hips and other areas of the spine. Chiropractic treatments help your body stay relaxed and comfortable and may also help facilitate your birth. Here is how we can help: Sacral misalignment can cause twisting and tightening of pelvic muscles and ligaments. This can prevent your baby from tipping comfortably into the proper position in preparation for child birth. Chiropractors using the Webster Technique can address this situation naturally by adjusting your pelvis and reducing the tension on your muscles and ligaments.  Your baby will innately move into the proper position and you will save yourself from a cesarean birth. It has even been successful with twin births as well! We would love to help you during and after pregnancy to keep your body working properly.  Give us a call at (650) 353-1133.  We are right in the heart of downtown Redwood City, CA!


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